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Operating Features and Benefits

  Through its action sports expertise, professional sports affiliations, and other resources, the Action Park Alliance provides a valuable package of management features: Insurance: General comprehensive public liability insurance coverage is carried by the APA and covers all activities at the park. As the primary insured, the APA serves as a layer of liability insulation for the municipality. Staff: A trai ...

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Family Benefits

Increased safety:      One of the most important benefits of an APA operated park is the increased degree of safety produced by constant supervision. Our trained staffs make sure that everyone wears proper safety gear. They limit the number of kids in the park to a safe level (whatever is considered its maximum capacity), and they prohibit unsafe behavior. Accelerated skills development:      Another contri ...

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Municipal Benefits

Easy, Cost-Effective Supervision: A primary advantage of APA management is that it makes possible a supervised, programmed park without all the ongoing costs to the city of staffing and sports structure maintenance. It relieves the city of the hassle of part-time employee turnover. Reduced Liability: Also significant to the city is the increased protection from liability it enjoys by virtue of the operator’ ...

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