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The mission of Action Park Alliance and the Fontana Skateparks are in a hundred percent alignment with that of the California Park and Recreation Society. After several years of Fontana having an open and unsupervised park, we were asked to come in and manage their skateparks, rejuvenating what was currently there. Our goal from the beginning was to create a safe place where youth can come and do what they love. So often we find students skating in the streets, riding down stairs and damaging public property as they do tricks off objects that aren’t meant to be skated on. This can create the perception that they are reckless, rebellious and disrespectful by those who don’t understand their culture. The reality though is that they are lacking a safe place to gather, skate and share their passion. When the new Fontana Skatepark was opened in the Fall of 2008 that was when the community revolution began. The community needed a place where students could gather and join one another in what they loved. A lot of these students needed a place they could call home and fellow skaters they could call siblings without the negative influences the original facility attracted. Since their openings, the Fontana Skateparks have become just that kind of place.

The hardest part of being a skateboarder between the ages of 10 and 18 is fitting in and finding a sense of ownership in something. The students and young adults that gather at the Fontana Skateparks have made it their home. There is an evident sense of unity that crosses the barriers of age, race, sex and religion. Instead of those who are older having an attitude of hostility towards younger skaters, there is a sense of mentorship that takes place and a developing that occurs. What each skater and/or biker brings to the table is useful to the whole. Here people compete against themselves, not against each other; and the result of that is personal growth as well as corporate.

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