World WCMX Championships 2023

La Quinta X Park

12/09/2023 | 10:00 am


Adaptive Skate

The use of a skateboard in any capacity by participants that display physical or visual impairments. Adaptive Skateboarders include but are not limited to upper/lower amputees/non who may/not use prosthetics by either sitting or standing on their skateboard. Visually impaired participants are also classified as adaptive skateboarders regardless of the level of impairment and are permitted to use beepers/audio devices, ropes and canes to navigate the skatepark.

WCMX Amateur

Intended for beginner wheelchair skatepark users that are in their first year of riding and/or unable to air out of transition, grind rails or compete at a high level. WCMX competitors that are sponsored or receive any type of product or financial support for their riding abilities will not be considered Amateur.

WCMX Open/Professional

Any Wheelchair skatepark user that actively competes at a high level (participated in previous World WCMX events, Dew Tour, LRO, etc), is sponsored and/or able to air out of transition, grind rails, inverts, etc.

WCMX Womens

If the average skill level registered for the competition is unbalanced, this division will be divided into Womens Pro/Open and Womens Am divisions based on the total number of registered competitors.


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