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I.E. Skate Series Final Stop

It was the morning of January 26th, 2013, the day of the final stop of the I.E. Skate Series at Palm Springs Skatepark. A big storm was coming through the Inland Empire and we were unsure if the contest was going to go on, but with the help of some helpful volunteers drying the park and good blessings from the Skate Gods, the contest was on! There seemed to be clouds everywhere around us except for in Palm Springs where the sun was shining and the ripping was commencing!

Up first was the young groms, the 10 and Under division. These little guys were charging the flow bowl harder than ever. It’s so awesome to see such young kids ripping so hard! This is the future! Coming in 3rd spot was 7 year old Dylan Powell, who was the youngest competitor of the day. Dylan showed off his impressive bag of tricks and smooth lines all over the bowl. It was Ryland Mancilla in 2nd place with great lines and technical lip tricks, but it wasn’t enough to overtake young Kai Yamasaki who walked away with the win in Palm Springs and clenching the overall title in the 10 and under division.

In the bowl next was the 11-13 year olds. All of these kids were using the bowl to its fullest! Nathan Rennie came in 5th place with his Ninja silent wheels and big barking grinds. Young Ethyn Deamos came in the 4th spot with his extremely deep bag of unique tricks from all eras of skateboarding. Rounding off the podium was Joseph Campos who rode the bowl with such style and finesse. The top 2 skaters had to compete in a 30 second sudden death tie breaker. David Branom was in the bowl with full force blasting big alley oop backside airs over the hips and riding the bowl like a local, but it wasn’t enough to knock Julian Torres who won the tie breaker, and clenching the overall title, with his long flawless lines and smooth style.

It was time for the 14-16 year olds. Rounding off the podium was Joshua “Peanut Butter” Conley with his long grinds thought the corners and smooth style. In the 2nd spot was Ryan Hill with his nice backside floaters over the hips and some really good lines. Just knocking out Ryan was Troy Amelotte with his deep bag of lip trickery, smooth lines, and great style. Clenching the overall title was Devin McCaffery who came in 5th in Palm Springs giving him enough points to take the top spot by 5 points over 2nd place Joshua Conley.

It was now time for the Sponsored ladies to show Palm Springs what they had to offer. Coming in the 4th spot was Victoria Serna, who just came off a broken ankle from stop #2 at North Fontana only 3 months ago. Victoria rode the bowl with some smooth lines and grinds showing that she is just as tough if not more tough than the dudes out there! Rounding off the podium in 3rd and clenching the overall title for 13 and under Girls was young Tarryn Ross, who was the sole skater for the 13 and under girls to show up. She wasn’t afraid to ride with the big girls and show off her skills. Coming in the 2nd spot was Pauline Branom with her long lines and smooth runs. Taking the top spot for the girls and clenching the Overall Sponsored Girls title was Arianna Carmona with her fast lines, smooth style, and deep bag of tricks! Arianna ripped every contest in the series winning every contest except for stop #1 where she finished 2nd.

It was now time for the main event, the Open Sponsored division. Rounding off the 8th spot in the finals was Robert Gonzalez, followed by Nathan Yerman in the 7th spot. I (Ronnie Yerman)decided to join in the fun and take a break from the mic to skate and ended up making finals and walking away with the 6th spot over my little brother. In the 5th spot was Denzel White who ripped the bowl both regular and switch with his extremely deep bag of tricks and unique lines. In the 4th spot was David Branom,
pulling double duty and ripping all day. In the 3rd spot was Logan Catt who ripped the whole bowl with style until he took a hard slam to his knee trying a Casper Drop-in on the extension. In the 2nd spot was Tristan Rennie who absolutely destroyed the bowl with his high speed attack, extremely long runs without repeating any tricks, and blasting head high airs over the hips. It wasn’t enough to take out Mason Merlino from the top spot. Mason destroyed the bowl with his insane lip tricks, big airs and bonelesses over the channel and just complete annihilation of the everything in his path!

Walking away with the in the 3rd spot of the Overall Open Sponsored Division and $100 was David Branom. In the 2nd spot and walking away with $200 was Logan Catt. Taking the Overall Championship and $400 was Tristan Rennie who absolutely destroyed every contest in this series, winning half of the contests and coming in 2nd the other half. Congratulations Tristan!

The 1st annual I.E. Skate Series was a great success. I want to Congratulate Kai Yamasaki, Julian Torres, Devin McCaffery, Arianna Carmona, and Tristan Rennie for walking away with the overall titles! Thanks to all the sponsors and skaters for coming out we couldn’t have done it without you guys, and a BIg Thanks to Mike Serna for helping all of us here at the Fontana Skateparks organize this event! Its only going to get bigger and better from here on out! See you guys this summer for the 2nd Annual IE Skate Series!

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