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I.E. Series Stop 2 Recap

I.E. Skate Series
Stop #2 Fontana North

Saturday October 20th was stop #2 of the I.E. Skate series. Stop #2 was held in the Roman Pool at North Fontana Skatepark. The skies looked a bit threatening that morning, with some light drizzle early on, but the skies ended up holding out all day and clearing up by the time we were ready to get things started.

It was the young guns in the 10 and Under division that got the day started off. These kids tore the bowl apart, its crazy to see these little kids shred so hard! Rylan Mancilla rounded off the podium, putting together some good runs. Edging him out for the 2nd spot was our Stop #1 winner Kai Yamasaki. But it was little CJ Collins who took the top spot above Kai. CJ rode the bowl with power and style, blasting airs and showing his deep bag of tricks to take the win in the 10 and Under division.

Up next in the pool was the 11-13 year olds. It was David Branom who would take the 3rd spot with his big airs and long runs. In the 2nd spot was little Joseph Campos, who looked like a young Steve Caballero in the bowl with his big pro tec helmet and extremely smooth style. But it was G.I. Julian Torres who came into the bowl ready to battle, warpaint and all! Julian was in the Halloween spirit and was dressed in camouflage and ready for war, he was charing it the whole contest putting together some great lines with a smooth style. Julian also won stop #1, so we will see if anyone can unseat him from the top spot in the overall points race.

It was time for the 14-16 year old division. It was Jerren Duke taking the 3rd spot with an interesting bag of tricks and some unique lines. Ryan Hill took 2nd place after coming off a stop #1 win. It was newcomer Tyler Hollenbeck who would take the top spot in the 14-16 division, with big frontside airs and a raw style, it was enough to take 1st in the Roman.

During Women’s practice Victoria Serna took a bad slam on a Rock n Roll and ended up breaking her ankle. She was tough and even came back to the contest to watch the sponsored finals after her hospital trip. Get well soon Victoria!

All of the girls were charging it hard in the contest! Sarah Thompson was charging the bowl all day and it paid off for her with a 3rd place finish. Pauline Branom edged out Sarah for the 2nd spot, but it was Arianna Carmona who took the top spot in the Women’s Division with her long runs and smooth style she was able to put it all together and walk away with the win.

Now it was time for the qualifying round of the Open Sponsored Division. We had 18 skaters in this division and we were taking 8 of them to the finals. All of these guys were skating hard trying the get into the finals! I don’t think the Roman Pool has ever taking a beating like that. Everyone put it all out there for a spot in the finals. In the end it was Johnny Abernathy in the 8th spot, followed by Nick Daiello, Robert Gonzalez, Hayden McKenna, Aidan Damnsey, Aidan Damnsey and Logan Catt. The top 2 spots were filled by Tristan Rennie in the 2nd place showing off his amazingly deep bag of tricks and effortless style, riding the bowl like its his own backyard. But it was Josh Rodriguez who overtook the #1 qualifying spot showing why he is one of the top bowl skaters out there right now!

It was time to 30 and over guys in the bowl for a jam. It was more of a fun session for these guys than a contest. Bill Rennie ended up 3rd, followed by Kevin Burke in 2nd, and Steve Alba taking the top spot showing he is a true master of pool skating.

Now it was time for the Open Sponsored finals. There was a twist thrown in for the finals though, it was going to be held in the Peanut Bowl. We were going to see how these guys can adapt to an entirely different bowl. Everyone was ripping the Peanut just as hard as they were in the Roman. In the end it was Logan Catt rounding off the podium. Logan was charging it hard with great style, big airs, and he even threw a Christ Air in his last run. Tristan Rennie and Josh Rodriguez were battling each other for the top spot. Both of them were going higher than everyone. Tristan put together some amazing lines and linked all of them together seamlessly never repeating a trick. Josh was charging with a fast smooth style and showing off his deep bag of lip tricks and airs. In the end the judges still couldn’t decide and it had to come down to a tie breaker. Since both Tristan and Josh were trying 540’s while the judges figured out the scores we decided that the first 540 would win the contest. Josh heard this mid run and pulled the 540 on the next wall and clenched the win over Tristan.

Thanks to everyone who came out to this event. A big thanks to all the skaters for putting on an amazing show, all the sponsors that made this possible, and a big thanks to Mike Serna for helping make this whole series happen. See you guys November 17th at Upland Skatepark for stop #3!

Stop #2 Results

10 and under Men
1. CJ Collins
2. Kai Yamasaki
3. Rylan Mancilla
4. Desmond Sheppard
5. Curtis Croll
6. Anthony “Avatar” Conley
7. Nick Meneses
8. Kolman Lecroy

11-13 Men
1. Julian Torres
2. Joseph Campos
3. David Branom
4. Lucas Sanders
5. Trent Bowman
6. Drayden Gardner
7. Ethyn Deamos
8. Nathan Rennie
9. Gavin Alsop

14-16 Men
1. Tyler Hollenbeck
2. Ryan Hill
3. Jerren Duke
4. John Magana
5. Devin McCaffery
6. Peanut Butter

1. Arianna Carmona
2. Pauline Branom
3. Sarah Thompson
4. Tarryn Ross
5. Chasity Collins
6. Liz Tedder

Open Sponsored
1. Josh Rodriguez
2. Tristan Rennie
3. Logan Catt
4. Aidan Damsey
5. Hayden McKenna
6. Nick Daiello
7. Robert Gonzalez
8. Johnny Abernathy
9. David Branom
10. Gage Boan
11. Nathan Yerman
12. Man Child
13. Jerod Deloa
14. Leandre Sanders
15. Hot Dog
16. Brian White
17. Nathan Caples
18. Michael Candido

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