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Action Park Alliance is the only full service skate park management company in the North America. APA can assist in making your skate park facility a safer and more effective operation.  We are confident that we can provide you with the most comprehensive management program available, and help you to turn your park into the youth development center it can be.

Our mission

Action Park Alliance is dedicated to the development of municipal skate parks that meet the highest standards of design, construction, and operation; we join with cities in public-private partnerships to provide complete skate park supervision for maximum fun and safety at reduced liability and cost to the city.

Initial Consultation

Our first step in the process of evaluating a possible working relationship with a city is to perform a site visit. Action Park Alliance’s Executive Director will travel to your facility for an in-depth tour of the current operation – including an overview of the following :

•  Evaluation of current equipment, facility, pro shop, grounds

•  Review of prior operator’s financial statements

•  We will assess the feasibility of the park being operated by an outside management company (either Action Park Alliance, or another independent operator), or operated by the City.

•  We will perform comparative analysis with other parks in the region.

Interested in consulting?

For any questions on consulting or to schedule a consultation please send us a request below.

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