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Family Benefits

Increased Safety

One of the most important benefits of an APA operated park is the increased degree of safety produced by constant supervision. Our trained staffs make sure that everyone wears proper safety gear. They limit the number of kids in the park to a safe level (whatever is considered its maximum capacity), and they prohibit unsafe behavior.

Accelerated Skills Development

Another contributor to the safety in an APA park is the development of good techniques derived from the training programs available to kids. They not only learn tricks, but they also are taught skills like how to fall, how to increase their traffic awareness, and how to handle themselves to avoid collisions. Shortening the learning curve gets kids past the vulnerable beginner stage earlier and more safely.

Friendly Environment

The presence of APA staff trained to work well with young people assures a friendly atmosphere in the park. Beginners are given the encouragement and opportunity they need to develop their skills quickly without interfering with older, more advanced skaters. Friction between the different sports in a mixed-use park is also controlled by APA staff rained in conflict resolution.

More Fun

APA parks attract kids because they are simply more fun than any place else. The staff that monitors behavior and provides activities is careful not to create an oppressive, restrictive atmosphere. Preserving a free, fun-filled environment is absolutely critical to a successful operation. It is an APA specialty because the Alliance was created by skaters and former pro athletes who understand and appreciate youth culture values.


Parents will feel comfortable dropping their kids off at an APA park staffed by experienced recreation professionals. They will feel grateful to their community for providing a supervised facility where safety is high priority. And, the community will enjoy the security of knowing the APA’s prime concern is the welfare of each and every young person using the park.

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