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Municipal Benefits

Easy, Cost-Effective Supervision

A primary advantage of APA skatepark management is that it makes possible a supervised, programmed park without all the ongoing costs to the city of staffing and sports structure maintenance. It relieves the city of the hassle of part-time employee turnover.

Reduced Liability

Also significant to the city is the increased protection from liability it enjoys by virtue of the operator’s general comprehensive liability insurance policy. The APA, as the primary insured, provides a layer of protection to municipal entities from any personal injury or property damage claims. Providing a safer recreational environment with a supervised and well-maintained park is, in effect, additional insurance in that it substantiates in effect, additional insurance in that it substantiates the city’s due diligence to protect the welfare of its young citizens.

Increased Return on Investment

Programs and other features that APA management brings to a skate park greatly enhances a city’s return on its investment in creating the park by increasing the youth development potential of the facility and magnifying its value as a community asset. Reduced street skating—any decent skate park will reduce the negative effects of street skating to some degree. However, an APA park will have a much more significant impact because it provides a rich array of amenities and programs in a friendly, youth-oriented environment and this makes it a popular destination for kids.

Property Protection

One obvious advantage to having APA staff on hand monitoring and maintaining a skate park is that is reduces the opportunity for vandalism and destruction of the city’s property. In a mixed-use park where bikes are permitted, the staff is able to require the use of special BMX accessories like peg caps to prevent damage to the park structures.

Enables Accurate Accident Reports

Some states, as part of their skate park public liability laws, require cities to keep records of accidents occurring in skate parks and to report these to the state. However, if the law requires that cities not supervise their parks in order to be free from liability, it makes it impossible for the city to gather accident information. APA skatepark management and record keeping now make it possible for cities to be in compliance with this requirement.

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