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Operating Features & Benefits

Through its action sports expertise, professional sports affiliations, and other resources, the Action Park Alliance provides a valuable package of management features:


General comprehensive public liability insurance coverage is carried by the APA and covers all activities at the park. As the primary insured, the APA serves as a layer of liability insulation for the municipality.


A trained, full-time supervisory staff is responsible for monitoring park activities and conducting programs at the facility.

Session Scheduling

Separate BMX-only sessions are scheduled in parks where equipment is designed for both skateboards and bikes.


A thorough, documented procedure of safety inspections and maintenance is carried out weekly. The park is also checked daily before opening for any obvious problems, and any debris in the area is cleaned up.

Membership database

A computer database of park membership maintains records of who uses the park and when. An ID photo of each member is kept on file along with contact information from parents and guardians as well as signed waivers releasing APA and the city from liability in case of injuries.

Online monitoring system

It’s easy for parents to know when their kids are using the skate park. A phone call to the pro shop can tell them whether their son or daughter has logged in for a given session.

Youth programs

A variety of sports training programs such as individual coaching and lessons, classes, clinics, and camps are provided by expert trainers skilled at working with young people. Events—An ongoing schedule of special events features pro demos, local and regional competitions, concerts, barbeques, and other activities that will provide park fun and promote its popularity.

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