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Skatepril Fools Day

On Sunday, April 1st Fontana Skatepark hosted the Skatepril Fools Day Contest in the Clover Bowl at South Fontana Skatepark. We had a great turnout for this event, 77 competitors and 400+ spectators throughout the day. The contest was split into 5 divisions with skaters, men and women, ranging from 6 years old to as old as 50! We also had some of the raddest local skate punk bands playing live music all day right in front of the Clover Bowl. Fontana got to rock out to the sounds of For Rebellion, Penetrators, Animal 22, and The Hoodlumz.

The 14 and under division kicked off at noon and out of the 15 competitors we narrowed down to 5 skaters for the finals. Logan Catt was ripping the contest and had some great lines and boosting Judo kicks effortlessly, landing him in 3rd place. Young Gun CJ Collins was ripping all day with his super fast and smooth style and ended up in the 2nd spot. Taking the 14 and under division was Matt Wilcox, blasting airs and starting his runs with a blunt pull ins off the Hurt Life Extension. Matt was ripping all day and his win was well deserved!

Up next we has the 15+ unsponsored division shredding to the sounds of For Rebellion. Local Jerod Deloa came in 3rd with his big airs and killer lines. Just edging out Jerod for 2nd place was Daniel Sandoval. Daniel was ripping the clover bowl and the Hurt Life extension, one of the few to get some grinds on the massive vert wall. It was Frank Fernandez who took the 15+ division with his spontaneous tricks everywhere and high speed roll ins and roll outs all over the place, including Nollie roll ins and a boneless in to every part of the bowl. He hung on to everything and came out on top!


The girls were up next shredding to the tunes of Penetrators. We had about 15 girls in this division coming from all over Southern California to show Fontana what they had! All of the girls were charging it, some harder than the dudes! Arianna Carmona was charging all day long with her bunny ears on her helmet. She was blasting airs in every part of the bowl and long grinds all over the place, including around the hips, landing her in 3rd place. Just edging out Arianna for 2nd place was Sarah Thompson, with her long runs, smooth style, and bag of tricks. Winning the Girl’s Division was Abby Zsarnay. Despite taking a hard slam in the finals on an air, she held off all the girls with long feeble grinds in the deep end, big airs, and tons of style for the win. Shout out to Silly Girl Designs and all the girls who came out and making this one of the best Girl’s Divisions we have had at Fontana.

Following the Girl’s Division was the Masters 30+ skating to the music of Animal 22. During Masters practice Greg Campbell took a hard slam and ended up with a broken ankle. Believe it or not he was all smiles. He was one of our oldest competitors out there and we wish him the best! Get well soon Greg! Big Mike Serna came in 3rd place with his smooth lines and manly grinds! Coming in 2nd behind Mike was Jason Deamos. Jason had all kinds of tricks and lines but wasn’t able to hold off Mike Perez, who won the Masters. Mike Perez was all over the place with high speed lines and massive grinds all over the bowl showing the young guns how to do it!

Up next was the Sponsored Division killing the bowl to the tunes of The Hoodlumz. There were a total of 25 competitors in this division and that was narrowed down to just 5 for the finals. Hayden McKenna from Venice was absolutely killing the bowl all day with his deep bag of tricks, smooth style and just pure gnarliness. It was in his final run that he secured the 3rd spot and $50 with a big low to high Disaster up the Hurt Life extension and 270’s over the middle hip making it look easy! Cory Juneau came in 2nd and came out $75 richer, blasting head high airs every run, and speed and style all over the bowl making even the hardest tricks look basic, including frontside rock n rolls on the Hurt Life Extension every try. Cory was ripping but he couldn’t hold off local prodigy Tristan Rennie. Tristan made the clover bowl look like a playground. Mixing up every run he did and not once repeated a trick in a single run, taking any air he wanted to disaster or to truck and destroying the Hurt Life extension, doing things he couldn’t even think he could do! Tristan ran away with this contest and added $125 to his wallet!

Right after the Sponsored Finals was the Best Trick Contest on the Hurt Life Extension. Everyone was going nuts on the 42” extension with pool coping in the square bowl, making it about 11’ ft tall with close to 4’ ft of straight vert. Johnny Abernathy pulled a backside disaster on the wall. Justin Gordon made a feeble stall to fakie on the extension and Tristan Rennie made an invert revert on the massive wall. But it was Francisco aka Man Child who took the best trick with a Backside Boneless to fakie on the Hurt Life Extension. He took a few hard slams but kept going for it and it paid off for him in the end!Finally it was time for the Death Race through the flow bowls. It was 3 people going through the course at once and first to cross the finish line advanced, winner took all the cash, a total of $130! It was hectic and in the final race it was CJ Collins, Nick Jojola, and local boy Hot Dog. Hot Dog ended up taking the lead out of the flow bowl and edged out Nick for the win and took all the cash!

Thanks to all the sponsors for providing product, Hurt Life Skateboards for building the extension, Genesis Boardshop for providing the free BBQ for everyone, Ex Drinks for providing drinks for everyone, all the bands that came out and provided great music for the contest, everyone who came out to watch and have a good time, and all the competitors for coming out and shredding the Clover Bowl and making this one of the best events we have had at Fontana Skatepark! We couldn’t have done it with all your guys help and support! Additionally, a big thank you to the City of Fontana for working with us to make events like  this possible. Thank you all!

Our recap video can be found HERE




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