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The 2019 WCMX North American Championships is taking place June 8th - 9th at the South Fontana Skatepark!

– 2018 Event Recap –
April 7th & 8th 2018 – Over the weekend the South Fontana Skatepark at Jack Bulik Park hosted the 4th Annual WCMX & Adaptive Skate World Championships. The event was produced in collaboration with Action Park Alliance, SoCal WCMX, the Adaptive Skate Kollective, Spohn Ranch Skateparks, the City of Fontana & Cal Poly Pomona Adapted PE with sponsored support from the Triumph Foundation, the Sheckler Foundation, Rhythm Skateshop, the Perry Family Foundation, Skate One, Mitchell & Ness, Air Pro, Spinergy Wheels & Colours In Motion. Athletes from around the world ventured to Fontana, California to compete amongst the latest and greatest of WCMX & Adaptive Skaters.

For those unfamiliar with the rapid growing sport – WCMX stands for Wheel Chair Moto Cross, a term derived from “Chair Skating” in which participants utilize custom fabricated wheelchairs to perform technical maneuvers at skateparks similar to those on BMX bikes & skateboards. Spectators present watched in awe as competitors pushed the limits of their respective sports over the course of the weekend, performing new tricks not done prior in any other contests. As most contests are, participants were split into multiple categories based on age & skill level. These divisions broke up riders between Division 3 (Beginner 16 & under) Division 2 (Intermediate 16 & Under) Division 1 (16 & Up) Adaptive Skate (Non-Wheelchair athletes) Woman’s & WCMX Open.

The event was scheduled over the course of Friday & Saturday with the kick off session being an open all ages WCMX clinic where newcomers could participate alongside competitors to learn tricks & maneuvers at the skatepark. Each division has developed over time consistent rules that have been carefully formulated as necessary. For example, younger participants & beginner skill levels might utilize the help of volunteers to traverse the skatepark where necessary versus those designated as the professionals in the open division that competed completely under their own strength & endurance with no help or assistance provided.

Over 30 competitors across the 6 divisions represented the USA and countries as far away as Brazil, Spain, Germany & the UK. Albert Granillo scored a competition high 90 points to take Division 1, Delmace Mayo came all the way from Massachusetts to win Division 2 – and also competed in the Adaptive Skate Division. Garnett Silver-Hall threw hand-plants all weekend riding his way to a win in Division 3. Alyssa “Snoopy” Montenegro showed command of the entire park with a win in the hotly contested Women’s Division and Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham –the reigning World Champion, once again put on a show of backflips, 360s and handrail grinds to win the Open Division. The Adaptive Skate Kollective team was out in force, treating the crowd to an epic jam session with Matt Farage taking the win for their Division. The WCMX community surprised David Lebuser with the honor of receiving the first ever Sean Mahaney Award for his contribution to the sport of WCMX around the world. Additional support by Aaron Spohn of Spohn Ranch Skateparks offered modifications to the South Fontana Skatepark rails, making them accessible to the WCMX riders and Adaptive Skaters. As a result of the partnership, Spohn Ranch has committed to building all their future skateparks with accessibility in mind.

On behalf of Action Park Alliance & everyone involved, we would like to thank all the riders, families, friends, sponsors, foundations, volunteers, fans & supporters. It is truly an honor to work alongside such a passionate group of individuals who are making a huge difference in the world of disabilities. The boundaries get pushed year after year and what was thought to be impossible is set to a new standard. We are very excited to see what the future of WCMX holds!





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